Quasispecies and GARD (2014)

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Quasispecies and GARD (2014)

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R. Gross & al., 2014: Quasispecies in population of compositional assemblies. PDF
The qsp theory describes the replication of asexual replicators at high error rate, and was first proposed to describe error-prone replication of primitive information-carrying macromolecules at the origin of life. [A qsp is a large group or cloud of related genotypes that exist in an environment of high mutation rate, where a large fraction of offspring are expected to contain one or more mutations relative to the parent. This is in contrast to a species, which from an evolutionary perspective is a more-or-less stable single genotype, most of the offspring of which will be genetically accurate copies] It is often viewed as a steady-state population of variant biopolymer sequences, generated by mutations from a sequence. This replication with mutation can lead to a population with a different dominant sequence than the original one, even if the original had the highest replication rate, i.e. highest fitness. As such, the qsp model is an example of how selection and evolution can arise from simple kinetic underpinnings. Selection acts on the population as a whole rather than on the individual members. In conclusion, molecular assemblies that hold compositional information rather than sequence-based information are shown here to comply with a qsp description. Because the transmission of compositional information has been proposed to be important in early evolution, these results further underline the importance of the qsp model in studying prebiotic evolution. Further, because present-day cells are, in many ways, compositional entities, such results may also have implications to the understanding of populations of present-day cells.

D. Segré & al., 2000: Compositional genomes: Prebiotic information transfer in mutually catalytic noncovalent assemblies. PDF [GARD]
M. Eigen & al., 1989: Molecular quasispecies. PDF

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